Our Process

We are full-service contractor that carries a project from start to finish. To ensure success a detailed plan needs to be created. In our experience we have found that that the best defense is an offense, we must be proactive and create a clear path with the owner, design team and trades. We develop this through pre-construction consulting, what we call the “PSA” Professional Service Agreement. If these steps and time are taken at the beginning, it’s simple as reciting “ABC”; here’s our steps to a successful project:


Design / PSA

Get to Know Each Other / Develop Design Vision / Identify Project Priorities / Create Scope of Work / Site Investigation / Exploratory Demolition / Job Walks / Value Engineer / Create Schedule / Develop Budget



Mobilize Site / Bring Action to Plan / Daily Presence on Project / Demolition / Re-Construct / Project Changes / Completion / Punchlist / Final Clean



Continued Support / 3 Year Warranty / 30 Day – Return to Project – Adjust / 3 Month Return – Re-Adjust / 11 Month Site Visit – Final Adjustment
After the completion of the project, we are only a phone call away to field any questions you may have about your home. If needed, we will send a team out to your home to fix or adjust the problem.